In 1995, AMIK Bandung with Department of Information Management (MI) opened 2 (two) program of interest namely: Informatics Engineering (T.IF) and Computer Engineering (TK). Thus tedapat majors Management Informatics (MI) and Program Engineering Engineering (TK).

In 1996, on December 4, through SK. Mendikbud R.I. No. 53 / DIKTI / KEP / 1996, Computer Engineering Specialization Program changed to Department of Computer Engineering (TK) with the status of REGISTERED.

On January 16, 1997, with SK, Education Minister R.I. No. 11 / DIKTI / KEP / 1997 Informatics Engineering Program changed into Informatics Engineering Department (T.IF) with REGISTERED status. And under the Department of Information Management opened 2 (two) Concentration namely: Information Management Concentration (KMI) and Concentration of Computer Accounting (KKA).

Year 1998, February 19th with SK Mendikbud R.I. No. 46 / DIKTI / KEP. 1998, Department of Management Informatics got Accredited Status in the same.

Year 2000, September 1 through SK. Minister of Education no. 184 / D / 0/2000 "AMIK BANDUNG" was changed to the College of Informatics and Computer Management "AMIK BANDUNG" abbreviated STMIK "AMIKBANDUNG" and we call STMIK "ABG" by adding two new Study Program: INFORMATION SYSTEMS and INFORMATICS Study S1

Jl. Jakarta No. 28 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
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Jl. Perjuangan 10 Mejasem, Cirebon, Indonesia
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Politeknik TEDC Bandung

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Jl. Pesantren Km. 2 Cibabat, Cimahi, Indonesia
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STMIK Tasikmalaya

STMIK Tasikmalaya first established on 26 November 1995 in the form of Professional Education Institution 1 (one) year named Integrated Education Institution (LPT) Duta Computer Indonesia.
Since the academic year 1999/2000 developed the field of research and community service in the form of Research Institute of Community Service (LPPM) STMIK Tasikmalaya, with secretariat in Jalan Dadaha No 18 Tasikmalaya and at Jalan Tentara Pelajar No. 40 Tasikmalaya.
In 2001/2002 STMIK Tasikmalaya in accordance with SK. Minister of National Education Number 202 / D / O / 2001 dated 26 September 2001 officially became a university with address Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 10 Tasikmalaya and in 2003 STMIK Tasikmalaya according SK. Minister of National Education Number 4002 / D / T / 2003 dated December 10, 2003 with address Jl. R.E. Martadinata No. 160 and Jl. R.E. Martadinata No. 272 A Tasikmalaya under the coordination of Private Higher Education (KOPERTIS) Region IV West Java and Banten.

Jl. R.E Martadinata No. 272A Tasikmalaya, Indonesia
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Politeknik Sukabumi

The Polytechnic of Sukabumi was founded by Yayasan Pendidikan Kusumah Bangsa Owned by Sukabumi City Government, based on notarial deed of Luciana Tirtaman, SH. Number. 74 dated June 20, 2002 and Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Number: AHU-2330.AH.01.02.LAH 2008 dated June 6, 2008.

The existence of Sukabumi Polytechnic is fully supported by Sukabumi City Government and Regional Representative Council of Sukabumi City by Decree of DPRD. 06 / PIPM / 2002 dated May 10, 2002 regarding the approval of the establishment of Kusumah Bangsa Higher Education Foundation and the Polytechnic of Sukabumi

Based on Recommendation on the feasibility of Establishment of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Business Administration Program at Polytechnic of Sukabumi from Development Center of Polytechnic and Diploma Education Program Directorate of Higher Education Department of National Education Number: 135.3 / P5D / U-Din / IX / 2002, 135.5 / P5D / U-Din / IX / 2002, 135.6 / P5D / U-Din / IX / 2002 dated September 10, 2002, the Decree of the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number : 281 / D / 0/2002 dated December 30, 2002 on Provision of Procurement Implementation License-Study Program and Establishment of Polytechnic of Sukabumi organized by Yayasan Pendidikan Tinggi Kusumah Bangsa in Sukabumi.

Jl. Babakan Sirna No. 27 Sukabumi, Indonesia
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Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

State Polytechnic of Jakarta, its history stems from Faculty of Non-degree Technology of University of Indonesia (FNGT-UI), which later became Polytechnic University of Indonesia. Polytechnic University of Indonesia is designated as one of the 6 Universities / Institutes that got the development project of Polytechnic Stage I Education from DIKTI. Polytechnic University of Indonesia was established September 20, 1982, since August 25, 1998 became independent with the name of State Polytechnic Jakarta based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture number: 207 / O / 1998.

Jl. Prof. Dr. G.A Siwabessy, Kampus Baru UI Depok 16424, Indonesia
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Politeknik Harapan Bersama

Tegal City is famous for its Japanese Indonesia, a vibrant city and a metropolis making the public amazed by the work of home industry production created by many children of this country, by wanting to improve the quality and quality of production, the pioneer of private education was born on 22 September Foundation Education "HOPE TOGETHER" with notarial deed no. 26-05 / BH / yy / 2002 / PBH PN. Then in order to realize its vision and mission on December 12, 2001 arose the idea to pioneer the establishment of POLITEKNIK in Tegal City with the issued Recommendation of Mayor of Tegal. 421.4 / 00024. Furthermore, with the recommendation letter is used as the basis of motivation to build a university named with POLITEKNIK "HOPE TOGETHER" Tegal City.

Location Campus I  : Jl . Dewi Sartika 71 Pesurungan Kidul - Tegal, Indonesia
Location Campus II : Jl . Mataram No.9 Pesurungan Lor - Tegal, Indonesia
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STMIK Bani Saleh 

Bani Saleh College of Information and Computer Management, under the Bani Saleh Foundation, was founded on 18 September 1989 in Bekasi, by an intellectual scholar dr. H. M. Subki Abdulkadir
Before becoming a high school there are some historical momentum that preceded it, namely:
1. The first stage, is the holding of Bani Saleh Computer Course in 1986.
2. The second stage, the course institute experienced rapid development, then in 1988 founded Computer Polytechnic Program D1.
3. The third stage, in 1989 established the Academy of Information and Computer Management (AMIK) Bani Saleh.
4. The fourth stage, with the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 58 / D / 0/1999 dated March 24, 1999, on the changes of Academic Information & Computer Management (AMIK) became the College of Informatics and Computer Management (STMIK) Bani Saleh, education:
Level III Diploma (DIII) with Study Program:
- Informatics Management
- Computer Engineering
- Computerized accounting

Jl. Mayor M. Hasibuan No 68, Margahayu, Bekasi Timur, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17113
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AMIK DCC Bandar Lampung

AMIK Dian Cipta Cendikia Bandar Lampung is not only the Academy of Informatics and Computer Management, but is an Academy that can provide more expertise than a Computer Expert. As per the motto of Bring You To The World Class in addition to applying courses with the National curriculum, AMIK DCC also equips students with local and international curriculum.

Jl. Cut Nyak Dien, Kaliawi, Tj. Karang Pusat, Kota Bandar Lampung, Lampung 35119
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Information Technology is a technology that dominates various aspects of life at this time. The development of information technology is running very fast. Many industries use information technology as a support tool to improve their performance. Government agencies, private sector, and various other sectors also can not be separated from the role of information technology as a support operational. With this example, the need for skilled workers in the field of information technology is very much needed.

Realizing that, Dian Cipta Cendikia Foundation LAMPUNG participate to fill this need by establishing STMIK DCC LAMPUNG addressed on Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto No. 3 Kotabumi North Lampung which has a study program namely Computer Systems, Information Systems and Computer Engineering that operates starting in 2007/2008. The three Prodi is an undergraduate education founded by STMIK DCC LAMPUNG and its management is done by Dian Cipta Cendikia Foundation LAMPUNG based on SK mendiknas no. 208 / D / O / 2007 dated 23 October 2007. This institution is a form of real contribution from STMIK DCC LAMPUNG to the world of education which is realized through the establishment of Dian Cipta Cendikia Foundation LAMPUNG.

Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto No. 3 Kotabumi Lampung Utara, Indonesia
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Politeknik Piksi Input 

Drs. H. Yos Sudarso Junus, M.Pd and Hj. Ati Indrayati is the founder of PIKSI INPUT SERANG BANTEN Foundation is both UPI Bandung Graduates Department of Business Education Office Program Administration and Program Skills Services. Both are Civil Servants and courageously take action out of Civil Servants. Consequently, only one path is taken to manage the Education / Higher Education Institution, yet they are consistent to assist the government program and is a partner of the government, especially the Regional Government of Serang Regency and Serang City, the Education Institution which it has pioneered to this day has become a university High "POLITEKNIK" is called POLTEK PIKSI INPUT SERANG.

Address : Ciceri 6A POLITEKNIK PIKSI INPUT SERANG, Jl. Trip Jamaksari, Sumurpecung, Kec. Serang, Kota Serang, Banten 42118
Phone : (0254) 216884
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Universitas Darwan Ali

Darwan Ali University was established in 2008 under Wijaya Kesuma Foundation precisely on July 25, 2008. Prior to becoming a university, Wijaya Kesuma Foundation established the College of Economics (STIE) and College of Information and Computer Management (STMIK). STIE established since year 2000. While STMIK was established since 2005. In 2008, STIE and STMIK Wijaya Kesuma have been transformed into university with 3 additional majors namely Agriculture, Fishery and Marine Science and Civil Engineering. STIE changed its name to Faculty of Economics while STMIK changed into Faculty of Computer Science. Currently, Darwan Ali University has 5 Faculty namely Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science and Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Address : Jl.Batu Berlian, Kayu Putih, Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13210
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STMIK Bina Insani

In the middle of 1999, along with the more conducive investment climate after the 1998 tragedy, Bekasi with its industrial estate experienced significant growth. The economic growth rate of Bekasi area triggered the development of job market which requires skilled labor in every level. This opportunity should certainly be able to prosper the citizens of Bekasi as the stakeholders closest to the growth center.
The main problem of Bekasi residents lies in the lack of an educated and skilled workforce. The increase of new settlement areas inhabited by settlers from outside Bekasi, increasingly spur the emergence of education needs for Bekasi residents who consciously still have to improve the skills and skills to become a reliable human resources.
Understanding the above conditions, YKAB (Yayasan Kesejahteraan Anak Bangsa) initiated to organize higher education Diploma level to fill the skilled workforce. On June 6, 2000, stands the Academy of Secretarial and Management as well as the Academy of Accounting. Both colleges have 3 courses of Secretarial, Management Administration and Accounting.

Address : Jl. Raya Siliwangi No. 6 Rawa Panjang Bekasi City, Indonesia
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Universitas Budi Luhur

Budi Luhur University was established in 2002 according to Ministry of National Education Decree no. 144/D/0 / 2002 on 7 June 2002. Globalisation and the prolonged crisis has led to a tight competition in search of professional labourers. Therefore, we need to equip ourselves with academic and practical skills to be a tough workforce that survives the competition, especially in developing careers. Thus Budi Luhur University opens the opportunity to gain knowledge in Information Technology, Economics, Social and Politics, Communication and Science which until this day is still among the top choices to enhance careers. The free and tight competition in providing education services combined with the growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and consumer knowledge have motivated us to improve the quality and satisfaction of services, which is proven by our achievement in getting the international quality assurance system certification, ISO 9001:2000.

Address : Jl. Ciledug Raya, Petukangan Utara, Jakarta Selatan, 12260. DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.
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